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Tammo is a Camera Operator based out of Barcelona, Spain. In the nearly 30 years that he has been working in the Camera Dept he has had the privilege to have shared the set with many distinguished names in the film industry including several Oscar winning DoPs and acclaimed Directors over a broad spectrum of projects. 

His early career saw him working through the ranks in the Camera Dept in London learning his trade from some of the industry's finest. This has helped him create a solid understanding of the craftmanship involved in storytelling, both on a creative and technical perspective.

As well as a full DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal package, Tammo adds Drone Operating to his skills following years of both building and racing competitive drones. He currently holds a Professional Commercial Drone Pilots Licence and is owner/operator of a full DJI Inspire 2 X7 drone camera package.

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