DJI Ronin 2


Package Overview

•        DJI Ronin 2 stabilising gimbal

•        Compatible with most camera setups (please check for full list)

        - Alexa Mini, Mini LF

        - RED Monstro, Dragon, Epic, Helium, Ranger, Komodo

        - Sony Venice, F55, F5, FX9, FS7, Alpha A7 range

        - Canon C-Series

        - Panasonic EVA1

        - Various DSLR setups (please check beforehand)

•       Compatible lens + camera combinations

        - Please contact for further information


•        DJI Masterwheels - 3 axis wireless control


•        DJI Joystick - includes Cinemilled Joystick control panel

Force Pro 2.jpg

•        DJI Force Pro motion controller

        - allows gimbal to be operated from any fluid head

Easyrig stabil.jpg

•        Easyrig Vario 5 Stabil 2 + Gimbal Vest

Easy Tilt.jpg

•       EasyTilt - facilitates easier tilt movement

Segway Handsfree.png

•        Segway X2 handsfree personal transporter

•        Up to 20 km/h

•        Range up to 19km

•        Suitable for tracking shots over a variety of terrains


•        Segway Ninebot S handsfree personal transporter

•        Up to 16 km/h

•        Range up to 22km

•        Suitable for basic tracking shots over smooth surfaces

Eartec Headset.png

•        2 x Eartec UltraLite Headsets


•        SmallHD 1303 13" HDR Operators Monitor

smallhd 703.jpg

•        SmallHD 703 UltraBright 7" Gimbal Monitor

Teradek 500LT.png

•        Teradek Bolt 500LT Video Transmitter - 1 x TX, 2 x RX

Black Arm.jpg
Shock absorber.jpg

•        Various options of shock absorbers, stabilisers, tripod mounts.

         -Availability subject to project requirements (not included in              standard pack)